Our Kindergarten Program…

The children come into the Kindergarten classroom following recess and they begin a short state mandated rest period. During that time a teacher reads a chapter books to the children. We read many classics and award winning books. Over the days of reading these books the children develop their own line of thought about what is happening and predictions of what is going to happen. These thoughts are in accordance with what they have heard so far in the book and their own life experiences. Each chapter test that theory and adds to it or changes it. The stories seem to linger in their minds and spontaneous conversations break out at times. It is magical to witness. The children become authors and illustrators during their kindergarten year.

We have a strong curriculum, as well as Kindergarten goals that we focus on throughout the school year. A formal group lesson follows our rest time and an assignment is given to each child. The children understand that an assignment is not a choice and it needs to be completed prior to choosing any individual, challenging work. These may be carried over from the morning work period. Some presentations and materials are reserved for this class time, because often these are too complex or advanced to be presented with the younger children present. We also take a few field trips throughout the school year. These educational field trips enrich what we are learning in the classroom, and allows the children to experience responsibility as members of our community.

Our Kindergarten Program allows children to work individually and in groups on deeper investigations in language, mathematics, science, geography, and history.  During the Kindergarten year, children have greater opportunities to practice tasks that require stamina, concentration, and cognitive as well as physical skills.  Our children grow socially as they develop grace and courtesy through practicing lunch formalities and caring for their environment.