Our director’s favorite quote…

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

~~ Maria Montessori

It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to each child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.

Maria Montessori

If you ever have an opportunity to enroll your children or visit and study Montessori's philosophy, the Montessori School at Lone Tree does the best implementation of Montessori's interpretation of child development and education. To this day, my experiences there with my kids, their early education, and the staff at this school has provided me with everlasting gratitude, respect and a smile.

Lynn Dardin Roundtree

You've guided Sophia and shaped her into a girl who has a passion for learning and the ability to think for herself. You've given her the confidence to have faith in herself and her abilities. She is leaving MSLT a very different girl than the one who walked through your door three and a half years ago. And we know that it is because of your patience, guidance, talent, and love. Thank you for the incredible gifts you have given our children. You have touched their lives in a way that will forever impact the people they become. They and we are better people for knowing you.

Diana and Fadi Zakhem