One of our many fun projects this summer is to learn about the life cycle of chickens. The best way for us is to watch the process from eggs in an incubator to the hatching of chicks! Of course, we didn’t do it ourselves. We had the help of Douglas County 4-H and Youth Development/Outreach. They provide an outstanding program!

Mary Baldwin brought the incubator, eggs, and all the information we needed. Mary gave a presentation to the children on her first visit and then came back 12 days later to show the children how to candle the eggs (to see which ones are viable). Then after the chicks have hatched (and this is the BEST part), Mary returns to take the chicks back to the farm they came from. What could be better?

We were given this “Chick Central” poster for the first time this year.  I wish you could have seen and heard the children deciding which eggs and chicks matched the pictures on the poster.  Each child is so assured in their discoveries.  They are really very good at distinguishing the chicks.

This year each one has a name – mostly Star Wars character names, by the way.  Although I don’t really know how it happened, Sophia was assigned the role of scribe.  She wrote the name of each chick by sounded out the words and drew a corresponding picture.  It was the job of a few of the others to tell her which to write next and to describe the chick so Sophia could draw it.  It was awesome!  Sophia is one of our older children this summer.

Once the chicks got a little bit bigger, the older children were able to hold them.  Look at these adorable faces!


And Chamois really likes the chicks too.