Hi Ya’ll!  I’m Lisa Place and I relocated to Colorado from Georgia in 2013.  I first became acquainted with Montessori in high school as a tutor for children with dyslexia.  My two children attended a Montessori school in Macon, Georgia at which time I was an active parent and substitute teacher.  I then completed the Montessori Foundations (Assistant) training through Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) and have taught at the primary level for the past 20 years.  In addition, I graduated from Florida State University with a BS degree in Criminology and have worked with several child abuse prevention and advocacy programs. My husband, Robert, and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary.  Our daughter is a surgical resident in Salt Lake City and our son is an engineer in St. Louis, Missouri.  I truly believe their success is rooted in a love for learning which was fostered by their Montessori education.  

Being outdoors is a passion and I can usually be found hiking or snowshoeing on the weekends.  I also enjoy reading and traveling/exploring Colorado.

This is my first year at MSLT and I am thrilled to be an Assistant in the SE Classroom with Miss Dawn and Miss Martha.  Guiding, loving and supporting your children fills me with much joy.