MSLT History

In 1985, Jean Pilon created Montessori School at Lone Tree out of her passion for Montessori education. Already an experience Montessori Directress, she bought a small piece of land in what was then unincorporated Littleton, helped create the design for the building, and began the small two-classroom Montessori school. Her vision included adding two more classrooms in the future. Her little Montessori school grew so quickly that the two new classrooms were built the very next year. At that time, MSLT was the only Montessori school in the south Denver area. Of course, now the city of Lone Tree is flourishing and growing. And our little Montessori school is now in the middle of a big subdivision.

Having little money and big dreams early on, Jean did not take a salary from the school. Her family members were called upon to help in any ways they could. Jean’s husband ran the books and Johnny and Jackie did odds and ends like cleaning the school.

Each spring in the first several years the school was open, Jean invited all of the Kindergarten group and their parents to have a Campout Sleepover on the school playground to celebrate the end of their experiences at MSLT. There was cooking on a grill, running and playing, singing songs, and yes, a campfire for roasting marshmallows. The search for good sticks for roasting marshmallows went on endlessly throughout the neighborhood with Jean leading the search! One year, after everyone was snug in their sleeping bags and tents, the automatic sprinklers came on!! Can you imagine the chaos?

While Jean still loves to visit Montessori School at Lone Tree, she is no longer part of the day-to-day operation. The school’s reputation for safe, nurturing, and quality Montessori continues. Our staff remains consistent with the average number of years of experience here being over 12 years per staff member. In fact, two staff members who started shortly after the school was established remain today. Jean’s warmth, love and respect for all people, and her unrelenting faith in Montessori have permeated the school for all of these years. It continues to thrive and provide the very best quality education.