Message From The Director

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

Well, we are reaching the end of our 2017/2018 school year.  Time does seem to fly.  We just got back from attending the National American Montessori Society Conference, that was held in Denver this year.  More than 4,000 Montessorians from all over the world converged on Denver to grow in their pursuit of exemplifying the essence of Dr. Maria Montessori and her unparalleled pedagogy.  The support of our parents and our Board of Directors allowed us to pursue this dream and we plan to bring every ounce of excitement and knowledge into our classrooms and the school.

At the Montessori School at Lone Tree, we strive to fosters a love of learning in all children.  Our environments are meticulously prepared by trained Montessorians and seasoned assistants.  The Practical Life, Science, and Cultural/Geography areas change each month.  These themes entice the children and their curiosity, excitement, and motivation.   In our classrooms, we strive to constantly create environments that keep this joy of discovery kindled. As educators, we observe them through their developmental stages and guide them during these most important scaffoldings of their growth. Mathematics and Language Arts also expand to become more challenging by this time of year.  Children develop scientific and critical thinking skill while working with these well-designed Montessori materials.

We follow the child and respect their individuality as they develop their characters, beautiful manners, curiosity, creativity, and unique personalities.   We strive to make every day a new day of discovery.  Research has shown that the Montessori Method develops Executive Functioning.  “These are the cognitive abilities needed to control our thoughts, emotions and actions. This topic aims to increase understanding about how these functions develop, their role and their impact on a person’s social, emotional and intellectual life, from early childhood to adulthood.”  It is quite amazing to realize that Dr. Montessori developed this philosophy and method of education that is vital to the development and success of these children who will become our future.

Montessori School at Lone Tree was founded by Jean Pilon in 1985.  Miss Jean was a person that embodied Dr. Maria Montessori in all ways.  Montessori School at Lone Tree is her legacy and I am humbled, proud, and honored to serve as Head of School.  The solid and unwavering foundation she set will continue for many, many years to come.  Not only is the next generation of Pilon’s very involved and invested on our Board of Directors, we also have 2nd generation students as well.

We welcome you to take a tour of our school, meet with our staff, and tell us about the likes and preferences of your child. We invite you to come share your talents and your cultural backgrounds with our children that help in further broadening their world view. We encourage, cultivate, and enjoy this interaction. As Dr. Maria Montessori said, “The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.”

I look forward to getting to know each of you on a deeper level and working together to make this educational experience the foundation for your child’s future the very best it can be.


With Warm Regards,

Lori A. Kalisch

Head of School