Welcome to the Montessori School at Lone Tree

Because we are a school and not a daycare facility, we are licensed for potty trained children ages 2 years 5 months through 7 years of age/Kindergarten.

For over 30 years The Montessori School at Lone Tree has nurtured children to grow into students with a love for learning and deep respect for life. Our school is knit together with experienced faculty and invested parents creating an extraordinary community dedicated to Montessori principles.

One of the unique characteristics of The Montessori School at Lone Tree is the quality and expertise of our teaching staff and administrators. Our teachers are committed to the Montessori philosophy of education. As such, their strongly held beliefs in the capability and dignity of each child lead to a learning community based on respect. We have a broad diversity of our community and we are proud to be a school that makes every person feel welcomed and appreciated. It is an environment characterized by cooperation, collaboration, kindness, and a sense of purpose.

A warm and welcoming feeling in our schoolhouse comes from the sense of trust that is shared between the students, teachers, and families. The teachers, also known as guides, bring joy to their classrooms because they are participating in meaningful and fulfilling work. Our students and teachers experience an influential sense of satisfaction from experiencing the learning and growing that takes place each day. We value knowing each child individually and treating them individually. Following the Montessori Method, we believe that each child should have a personalized learning experience in which the level of challenge is appropriately set for each child. Children experience the precise level of challenge, in an environment with high expectations, so they continue to progress. We are personally invested in the success of each child and the fulfillment of each parent.

The culture of The Montessori School at Lone Tree embodies peace, kindness, and respect for all living things, as foundational values. The quality of The Montessori School at Lone Tree comes from our teachers and families who work hand-in-hand together to provide our children with the very best opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Activities


Miss Jan is our cook. She does a fantastic job of balancing nutritional and kid-friendly while serving fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

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2017 - 2018 Calendar


2018 - 2019 Calendar


Our Summer Program is based on weekly themes centered around nature and science.



Weekly Specials



Spanish lessons are provided in each classroom. Our primary goal is to expose children to another language in order to be more aware of other cultures.


During our Summer Program we have many special presentations which correspond to our weekly themes. We ask parents to cover the cost of these.

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Montessori School At Lone Tree selected for 2016 Lone Tree Small Business Excellence

Montessori Fun

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